Informationsbroschüre "Für eine Kultur der Kreativität"
Brochure "Towards a Culture of Creativity"

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing serves as the university's central platform for science communication, marketing and knowledge transfer. It represents all areas of the university, connects them to internal and external audiences and coordinates the way the university presents itself. In order to engage in lively dialogue with society, Communications and Marketing manages the university's strategic relations and highlights the achievements of its members in Germany and abroad.

Current news

Eating together

Behavioural biologist Barbara Fruth and health psychologist Britta Renner from the Cluster of Excellence Collective Behaviour provide insights into the importance of eating together for humans and animals in a new episode of the German podcast "Exzellent erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle". They also talk about research into swarm intelligence.

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In the realm of lions

“Contrary to ‘The Lion King’ there is no king or queen in lion societies. No single individual gets priority access to resources, whether that be access to mates or access to food after participating in a hunt”, says Konstanz researcher Natalia Borrego.

Taking risks with research

How do you investigate serious administrative failures when authorities set up barriers and refuse to provide information? Wolfgang Seibel, a politics and public administration researcher in Konstanz, receives funding for his Reinhart Koselleck Project on organizational failure that ventures into risky territory. Wolfgang Seibel: "You simply can't expect those responsible for these catastrophic mistakes to welcome your inves-tigation with open arms."

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