Domain allocation at the University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz provides its organisational units with the possibility to establish their own subdomains. The domain names are allocated and coordinated by Miriam Leifeld. The following guidelines ensure a uniform appearance as well as the logical naming of utilised subdomains.

Please note that we will need up to a week to approve and set up a (short) URL.

Main Domain

The University of Konstanz uses the main domain entire technical infrastructure is integrated under this domain.

The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) is responsible for the technical management of the domain.

Short URLs

Short URLs are shortened URLs used in print materials, for example, in order to avoid having to memorise, type-out or distribute long URLs. The short URL of the University of Konstanz is based on the domain This domain is connected to the main domain A short URL (for example does not have to be requested - it will be automatically created when you apply for a main domain URL (for example A short URL preceded by www (e.g. is not created automatically and is only created on request.

A further option for displaying short URLs is the use of navigation paths. Starting from the homepage, you can describe the navigation path to the readers. For example: „Under the following link you will be able to access a list of all “study programmes”” by clicking on the corresponding link.

Short URLs are assigned for series of events, but not for individual events.


The domain is divided into subdomains that reflect the organisational structure of the University of Konstanz. Subdomains are prefixes for the main domains. For example: They are used as concise URLs for communication purposes. The domain names should ensure a uniform appearance and correspond to website content. As a result, subdomains should be created under the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Subdomains

  1. A requirement is that the subdomain names, contents and their use are directly related to the university.
  2. Information units of Type 0 are not supplied with subdomains since they are the central components of the University of Konstanz’s web presence. For example:
  3. Subdomains are to be used only by organisational and sub units of the University of Konstanz, not for individual projects, conferences etc.
  4. More than one subdomain for the same webpage should not be created. An exception is the translation of subdomains (see point 4).
  5. Subdomains should always reference homepages or distribution pages, not content pages.
  6. In certain cases, URLs that don´t satisfy these requirements can be approved by Uwe Köthen, Communications and Marketing

Allocating Subdomain Names

  1. The subdomain name should include the complete organisational description or an official and established abbreviation. In order to facilitate consistent communication and a professional appearance, this stipulation is necessary. For example,
  2. Subdomains for names of people can only be used in exceptional cases. This rule will prevent organisational problems caused by individuals having the same name.
  3. Subdomains must be comprised of at least three letters.
  4. Subdomains can not contain any special characters or German umlauts, with the exception of the hyphen “-”.
  5. Subdomains can be requested with or without the preceding www.
  6. Multi-level subdomains will not be approved.

The following organizational units can request subdomains:

Central institutions

Cooperation projects


Doctoral programme of the programm

Interdisciplinary research projects

Technical Portals

Research projects



University group

All areas that were not listed above will receive subpages of the domain or subdomains.

Core elements of the university (TYP 0 pages) will receive a subpage of the domain

Subdomains with names that bypass hierarchical levels should not be allocated.


not allowed:

To differentiate between the department and the study programme, the subdomains should be written out as follows: Domainname/study/study programme

Approval for a short URL or subdomain

The domain names at the University of Konstanz are allocated and coordinated by Miriam Leifeld. Please indicate the required short URL and corresponding link in your email. We will need up to a week to approve and set up your short URL/subdomain.