University image material

Are you looking for pictures of university buildings or scientific activities at the university? Here you can find official stock images of the University of Konstanz.

You are welcome to use these pictures, but you must include the following information:

  • Copyright: University of Konstanz

Please send a copy to:

University of Konstanz
Communications and Marketing
78457 Konstanz

Please abide by the following user regulations:

  • If you are a University of Konstanz member, you may use the images free of charge for university press and public relations work.
  • If you are an external user, you may use the photos free of charge both online and in print for news reporting about the University of Konstanz as well as on scientific and university-related political topics.
  • For all other purposes, you must first request permission from the University of Konstanz in advance.
  • The images may neither be used for commercial or business purposes nor in image databases or catalogues. If you would like additional photo material of the University of Konstanz, we will be happy to help you.

Please contact Communications and Marketing for assistance.