Traveling Forms - Practices, Politics, Potentialities. International interdisciplinary conference. Konstanz (June 2023)

Contrary to an influential preconception, the category of ‘form’ is not limited to the field of the arts, but also a powerful factor in the shaping of culture and society. Aesthetic forms are social forms and vice versa; and the circulation of artistic forms has wider cultural implications. As they travel, forms connect and translate between cultures, and by adapting to local conditions in turn are subject to change. Bringing together scholars from the fields of anthropology, art history, curating, history of knowledge, literary studies, theater studies, and sociology, this conference investigates the mobility of forms, and their ability to facilitate communication and orientation in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world. Here are the program leaflet; the poster; a detailed schedule including abstracts; and information on our speakers.

Speakers: Donald Carter (Hamilton College); Beth A. Conklin (Vanderbilt University); Alex Ungprateeb Flynn (UCLA); Eva Geulen (Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Berlin); Nilüfer Göle (EHESS, Paris); Karin Kukkonen (University of Oslo); Caroline Levine (Cornell University); Henry Turner (Rutgers University); Matthew Vollgraff (The Warburg Institute); Rebecca Walkowitz (Rutgers University); Mechtild Widrich (School of the Art Institute, Chicago)

The conference will begin on Thursday, June 15 at 15h/3pm and will close on Saturday, June 17 in the afternoon. The conference venue is Terracotta (Luisenstr. 9, 78464 Konstanz); the event will be streamed via zoom (meeting ID: 98496304973). Please direct any questions to