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New staff unit "university development, research and transfer"

As of 1 April 2022, the Research Support is part of the new staff unit "university development, research and transfer".

As of 1 April 2022, the Rectorate has established the new staff unit "University Development, Research and Transfer". With Dr. Stefanie Preuß as the new director, this central unit will combine advisory and support services on all research and transfer-related matters.

With the Research Support, the staff unit's responsibilities include acquiring third-party funding for research projects, ethical issues in the research process, and the operation and coordination of research infrastructures.

Further, the staff unit is responsible for the coordination of new research buildings, the publication of research results in international journals, the utilization of research results and their transfer to industry and society, as well as the related contractual and legal issues and support for spin-offs.

For this purpose, the previous unit "Research funding administration and technology transfer" including the Research Support team as well as the University of Konstanz Innovation Centre (UKIC) have been transferred from the Division of Finance and Controlling to the new staff unit.

A new area of focus is initiated with the subunit "university development and policy", which will support the Rectorate in the further development of strategies and the monitoring of advances in science policy. With this structural change, the University of Konstanz aims at visibly reflecting its position as an excellent research university and further advance its institutional development, especially with regard to the Excellence Strategy.