Travel information

for those organising events at the University of Konstanz

Travel information for University of Konstanz guests is available here.

City map, campus map and bus timetable

Here you can download a map of the city of Konstanz, a campus map as well as a bus timetable which you may use on your own website, include in your conference folders or send by email:

You can obtain a free fold-up version of the city map, campus map and the bus timetable from Communications and Marketing. This is also included in our conference folder package.

You can order customised University of Konstanz campus maps and floor plans from WWA Graphic Design (e.g. if you want particular buildings highlighted or require a map of the stands in the foyer of building A).

Deutsche Bahn Veranstaltungsticket (event train ticket)

Due to low demand, the University of Konstanz is no longer able to offer the Deutsche Bahn Veranstaltungsticket (event train ticket).

Travel by taxi

Please always keep an overview of taxi companies on hand at university events in case guests need a taxi on short notice. Taxi companies in and around Konstanz.


You can travel to the University of Konstanz using the city bus numbers 4, 9A, 9B, 9C or 11. Bus schedules are available for download (in German) from the Stadtwerke Konstanz.

If you are planning a larger meeting or event, you should inform Stadtwerke Konstanz beforehand so they can increase the number of buses in operation.

Extra tours

Stadtwerke Konstanz offers a shuttle service (including drivers) for extra tours on routes covered by the public transport network. This may be of interest to you if your guests are scheduled to arrive at the university at a time regular buses don’t operate, or if you want your guests to arrive in one group (e.g. during the event supporting programme).

If you require bus service for routes that are not covered by the public transport network (e.g. Reichenau Island), we recommend that you hire a private bus company.

Conference ticket for city buses

We work with Stadtwerke Konstanz to offer a conference bus ticket for events held at the University of Konstanz. The conference ticket allows your guests to use all public buses in Konstanz as often as they want during the times printed on the ticket and without having to worry about individual fares.

- Valid within the VHB city zone Konstanz (except Nachtschwärmer (night bus) services)
- Available for one or more days
- 40 participants or more
- Costs: 1.95 euros per participant per day.

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Bodensee-Gästepass (Lake Constance guest pass)

Make sure to point your guests towards the Bodensee-Gästepass (Lake Constance guest pass) option:

Your stay in Konstanz: tourist tax and visitor’s bus ticket

Business travellers with business in Konstanz (which includes conference participants) do not have to pay the tourist tax when staying overnight in Konstanz.

For those who stay more than one night in Konstanz it might be worth paying the tourist tax of 2.20 euros per day: you will receive the Lake Constance guest pass including a voucher to ride the city buses for free. The guest pass also includes numerous discounts on a wide range of tourist attractions across the Lake Constance region. The tax is payable to your landlord/landlady at your accommodation.

University of Konstanz vehicles

All University of Konstanz vehicles are taken care of by Facility Management. Contact person: Larissa Faißt, phone: +49 7531 88 -2693, email:

A4 station wagon
No driver, usually reserved for the Kanzler and Rector, available for rent if not in use.

VW Transporter including driver
For courier and on-demand drives.

Other vehicles:

University sports transporter
Contact person: Petra Borchert, phone: +49 7531 88 -2759, email:

Limnology transporter
Contact person: Teresa Hauger, phone: +49 7531 88 -3531, email: