What do I need to consider when planning a conference or poster exhibition?

Areas for exhibitions

The foyer in building A is especially well-suited for business and conference exhibitions. Smaller exhibitions or poster exhibitions can also be set up in building R.

Please note, however, that to keep escape routes open, only certain spaces may be used. Please speak to the university’s safety engineer Klaus Heck before setting up your exhibition.

Please note: Any necessary deliveries should be made the day before the exhibition is set to open, since we cannot provide storage space.

Floor maps

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Finding exhibitors

The university Career Service is the central location for contacting potential employers. To this end, the Career Service publishes a regular newsletter for interested businesses. Use our newsletter to advertise your event and attract the attention of potential exhibitors. Career Service can also help you find relevant businesses to participate or even specifically invite human resources representatives to participate in your event.

Exhibiting at business and trade fairs

Communications and Marketing can supply various materials for you to use at exhibitions.