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Our German-English glossary

What do we call the "Fachbereichssprecher" in English? And what do we use for "Kanzler"? You will find these terms and many more in our German-English glossary. It contains general university-related terms as well as Konstanz-specific terms. Our goal is to make the texts as easy to understand as possible for our readers by using consistent terms.

We continuously update the glossary. Do you miss a term or wish to give us feedback? Please contact us by emailing

The glossary as a server-based database

The glossary is operated in cooperation with the University of Mannheim, which hosts the server. Our users have direct access to the University of Konstanz glossary containing all the terms we have agreed upon in Konstanz.

Why do we need a glossary?

As the University of Konstanz becomes increasingly international, we provide many texts in English for our international target groups. Finding an English equivalent for specific university-related terms can be quite challenging: Many of these terms are either not included in the usual dictionaries, or you will find too many translation options. It can take up a lot of your time to find the right word. As a result, different English words are often used for one and the same German term, which can confuse readers. Our German-English glossary is here to help!

You can also use the filtering function to search for terms from a specific field (e.g. all study programmes, all occupational safety terms etc.). In a few steps, you will have the desired result!

You can download detailed instructions for the filter feature and how to use the glossary.