Current construction projects

New building X

The new building X (with lecture halls, seminar rooms and offices) is taking shape along the main road to the university. Building X will provide the space needed while other university buildings are being renovated.

The building with about 9,000 square metres of floor space will house a large lecture hall with 400 seats, 39 seminar rooms, 140 study spaces, office space for 190 staff as well as an event venue and cafeteria. Construction on building X is scheduled to finish in 2026.

New campus: bus stop

The central access area of the university (former bus loop at the main entrance) will be reserved for pedestrians/bicycles. At this site, preparations are also being made for the construction of the forum.konstanz (utilities, street access).

A new central bus stop will be in front of building W. From this stop, buses will turn onto a new street leading north to Eggerhaldestr. between building W and building N.

Until the end of 2023, buses will continue to use the temporary bus stop by car park "P-Nord". The new bus stop in front of building W is scheduled to open in January 2024.

Renovation of building A

Building A is currently being renovated. This means that most of the building will not be available until October 2024. The closure includes large portions of the entrance area/foyer as well as the lecture halls (e.g. Audimax). Our map gives an overview of the parts of the foyer that will be closed as well as the alternative routes that will be available.