Thumbs way up

The International Student Barometer measures high satisfaction with the University of Konstanz

How do international students rate their studies at the University of Konstanz? What do they like about their university, how satisfied are they with their study experience, what could be improved? The International Student Barometer provides answers to these questions by surveying students around the world on their experiences with and expectations for studying abroad. About 160,000 students from almost 200 universities across 17 countries took part in the survey. One of the 36 participating universities in Germany was the University of Konstanz. The results indicate very high satisfaction with the University of Konstanz: It placed significantly above average in nearly every category when compared to other institutions of higher education in Germany and abroad. The university was ranked among the best in its quality of research and teaching as well as in its services. The survey results reinforce the University of Konstanz’s strong reputation as a research-oriented university with a vibrant campus life. Students did, however, criticise the high cost of living and housing expenses in Konstanz. The i-graduate agency administered the 2016 International Student Barometer and evaluated its results.

The decisive criteria for students choosing to study at the University of Konstanz are its reputation as a research-oriented university and the strong ties between research and teaching. Students consistently rated services in Konstanz as excellent. The University of Konstanz’s advisory and support services as well as its orientation programmes ranked among the best. The German courses in Konstanz for international students are ranked first in Germany. The University of Konstanz also places second in Germany for its advice and support regarding the legal requirements for international students. The University of Konstanz’s library, especially its online services, are held in high regard. The level of satisfaction with the library demonstrates a clear improvement upon the exceptional results already achieved in earlier International Student Barometer rankings. One reason for this development is the very positive student response to the library’s extensive renovation and modernisation measures.

International students rate the appeal of the region surrounding Konstanz and its leisure opportunities very positively. The initial arrival in Konstanz, however, appears to be difficult; international students criticised the travel conditions for new arrivals. The survey demonstrates, however, that once they arrive, students acclimate very quickly to their new environs and feel at home. Especially the University of Konstanz’s orientation programmes and staff, which accompany the students during their first days and weeks, are rated as very helpful. Students take advantage of the broad range of available services and events. Furthermore, they appreciate the support once they arrive in Germany and begin their studies at the university. Konstanz’s hospitality is another aspect that international students value particularly highly: The survey shows that they are able to make new contacts quickly and have no problems in making new friends with German students and local residents: The University of Konstanz ranked second in Germany in the category of “host friends”.