The University of Konstanz’s corporate design

The University of Konstanz brand

Straightforward, open, authentic, flexible, with paradise-like conditions - the University of Konstanz’s design clearly expresses its institutional values. The new corporate communication aims to portray the university’s identity, motivations and visions. The Stuttgart-based agency Strichpunkt developed three elements of design which represent academic work, learning and teaching as well as university life in general: Highlight, underline and post-it are now at the core of the university’s corporate design. Whether on letterhead, folders or the website, these elements provide structure and, thus, orientation for the reader.

Highlight - underline - post-it

These design elements are consistently illustrated in the university’s “Seeblau” colour. The reduced use of colour constitutes another key element of corporate design. This element especially applies to images which are to be printed in black and white and can include a “Seeblau” background. Therefore, the very diverse images a university has to offer can be illustrated in a consistent fashion. Selecting just a few design elements and using black and white contrast creates a style unique to the University of Konstanz and facilitates quick brand recognition. Implementing a corporate design, that is both clear and fitting, strengthens its effectiveness.

The University of Konstanz’s logo provided the inspiration for the university’s use of black and white images. The intricately structured square signet designed by Otl Aicher is to remain the University of Konstanz’s logo. It is also used on the website. The logo appears as a blue, single-colour image on devices with a smaller screen size since the thin lines of the original would need to shrink to fit the screen and, thus, no longer be visible. During its relaunch, the University of Konstanz website was revised to fit the corporate design. The logo, along with the design elements and templates are generally binding for university communication. All university materials and media are to include the corporate design elements. The design has been developed in a flexible way that will allow for individual elements to be modified as needed.

Corporate design for the Clusters of Excellence
The University of Konstanz’s corporate design has been expanded to include additional elements and distinct recognizable graphics adapted specifically for the Clusters of Excellence. These visuals are based on foundational elements of the university’s corporate design and thus maintain its uniform appearance.