Which format fits my continuing education idea?

Continuing academic education based on research contributes to our transfer activities. Our programmes teach state-of-the-art scientific methods that are both grounded in research and oriented towards practical application, and they are offered in a variety of formats: in person, blended learning or online. The programmes can be completed alongside daily work, and they are tailored to the corresponding professional needs. In this way, continuing academic education makes research results available to a wide spectrum of society and practical applications, including, for example, the healthcare sector and the political arena.

The face of continuing education at the University of Konstanz is our Academy of Advanced Studies (AWW). Our team guides university researchers throughout the entire process – from an idea to curriculum development, format design and marketing a continuing education programme. In addition to this, we provide services such as a virtual learning environment or a communication infrastructure specifically for continuing education, and we support researchers with implementing innovative digital tools in their programmes.