CampusGuide – Discover the University!

Would you like to explore the University of Konstanz from the comfort of your sofa? This is very easy with our virtual CampusGuides, which invite you to discover and explore the University of Konstanz on various online tours.

Are you interested in the University of Konstanz and would like to make your first discovery tour? Or have you already been on the campus and wondered what hidden corners your university could still surprise you with?

The CampusGuides will guide you around the University of Konstanz and show you the special corners of our university. You will not only get to know the large campus, learn about typical contact points during your studies or gain insights into the history of the university, but you will also discover a couple of highlights, great views, student projects and large and small works of art on the university area.

CampusGuide Tour #1: Central Facilities

Are you new at the University of Konstanz and need an overview? Our tour will show you the central facilities of your university.

CampusGuide Tour #2: Help and Advice

There is so much to learn, to do and to organize in your studies... But you don't have to do it all on your own! Good to know where to get the right help.

CampusGuide Tour #3: Nature and Science

The University of Konstanz is strong in the natural sciences - but there is also a lot to discover in terms of flora and fauna!

CampusGuide Tour #4: Catering & Recreation

Long days at the university demand good catering and recreational breaks - you're well provided with both at the campus.