Funding programmes in the context of the Excellence Strategy

The following internal funding measures aim to give staff members the possibility to develop ideas that contribute to achieving the university's strategic goals together. Researchers can receive financial resources to optimize the conditions for conducting their work. Early career researchers are supported right from the start as they are given the opportunity to plan and implement independent projects. We also focus on fostering and expanding diversity, equal opportunity and the compatibility of work and private responsibilities.

Funding programmes

Doctoral Fund

The Doctoral Fund, set up in the context of the Excellence Strategy, provides a limited amount of funding for doctoral researchers. Through this measure, we especially aim to improve the working conditions for our early career researchers. An amount of up to 5,000 euros is available to support them in establishing their research networks. All doctoral researchers from the University of Konstanz can apply.

Committee on Research (AFF)

The Committee on Research (AFF) supports the development of the university’s research profile. It reviews internal proposals for performance-based start-up and co-financing of research projects and submits funding recommendations to the Rectorate.

The AFF allocates funds solely based on performance. For all funds that are allocated in addition to the basic funding of professors or for the promotion of early-career researchers from the university budget and the German Excellence Strategy, the AFF uses a competitive review and assessment process.The only selection criterion is the scientific and academic performance of the applicants. Only professors and outstanding postdoctoral researchers from the University of Konstanz can apply for these funds.

Funding lines in the context of the Excellence Strategy:

Freedoms for Governance

In the context of the Excellence Strategy, the University of Konstanz has decided to drive its continual further development by promoting excellent corporate governance. One component of this process is the advancement and support of academic support staff. Projects such as Freedoms for Governance will prepare us for the future and increase our ability to adapt and address new challenges.

Staff members participating in the "Freedoms for Governance" programme can request to be entirely or partially released from their duties for up to six months. During this time, they can focus on a project they select themselves and that will strengthen the entire university or a certain area.

Participants are free to choose any kind of project. What counts is that it will have a significant impact for the university or one of its organizational units (e.g. department, division). The project should not focus on one of the topics that the organizational unit is already responsible for. All academic support staff at the university can apply for the programme, irrespective of their field of work, salary bracket or job tenure. However, the employment contract of the applicants must run for at least two more years.

Freedoms for Creativity

The Freedoms for Creativity programme allows outstanding researchers at the University of Konstanz to have more time to advance their research projects by being released from academic self-administration duties and getting a flexible reduction of their teaching load. Professors as well as junior professors at the University of Konstanz are eligible to apply as long as they have a teaching load of more than 6 weekly teaching hours or are fellows at one of the Clusters of Excellence or the Zukunftskolleg and have passed their interim evaluation.

Equal opportunity, family support and diversity

A key goal for the University of Konstanz is ensuring equal opportunity. We see the diversity of university members as foundational for scientific and academic excellence. To support and promote this diversity, the Equal Opportunity Office develops specific measures and options for different target groups, including career development of female researchers, the compatibility of research and family life, adjustments and options to expand skills in the area of diversity. A committee of the Equal Opportunity Council's members decides on applications.

Funding programmes:


These funds are intended for internationalization measures in the following funding lines:

  • Funding line 1: Travel and accommodation expenses for doctoral researchers and researchers from the University of Konstanz for projects abroad in the areas of teaching or research or for participation in congresses or workshops
  • Funding line 2: International guest lecturers, virtual guest lectures, virtual teaching as well as virtual teaching in co-teaching teams
  • Funding line 3: Start-up funding
  • Funding line 4: Initiation of new or further development of existing partnerships

Teaching Innovation Fund (including transfer-oriented teaching)

Applications for teaching projects that require student assistants and material resources can be submitted quarterly. Funding for these items is provided by the university’s key project "e-science strategy" in the context of the Excellence Strategy. Eligible projects include new, innovative teaching formats that support research-oriented, digitally enhanced or online teaching/learning, or are transfer-oriented and thus contribute to promoting critical thinking and active student involvement. The Teaching Innovation Fund is designed for professors, junior professors and teaching staff. In jointly submitted applications, other staff with teaching duties may also be involved.