Illustration der Eingangsperspektive des Neubaus Forum Konstanz
Entrance perspective of the new Forum Konstanz building: CODE UNIQUE Architekten GmbH


The forum.konstanz is a key project in the overall strategy "University of Konstanz – creative.together", which promotes top research and excellent teaching through interdisciplinary collaboration, creative freedom and optimized framework conditions. The forum.konstanz brings people and ideas together and creates transitions, for example between disciplines, between research and teaching, and between university and society.

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Current news

Lake excursions

As part of forum.konstanz, the Limnological Institute at the University of Konstanz offers the opportunity to take part in a trip on the research vessel "Robert Lauterborn" and to watch and take part in the taking of water samples.

For the dates in August and September, inquiries can now be made using our form.

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Water research: Visit the research ship in the harbor of Konstanz

The forum.konstanz, the Limnological Institute and the vhs are offering a cooperation event with a visit to the research ship, where water samples can be examined using binoculars and a microscope. The event will take place on April 27th at 2 p.m. in the harbor of Konstanz.

Ein Ort für Kreativität und Austausch

Am 24. Mai 2023 eröffnet die Universität Konstanz ihr eigenes FabLab – eine Werkstatt für Prototypenentwicklung und Kreativprojekte, in der BürgerInnen und Universitätsangehörige freien Zugang zu digitalen Fertigungsverfahren erhalten.

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