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Health insurance

Information about the "Studierenden-Meldeverfahren (SMV)"

§ 199a of German Social Code V (SGB V) stipulates that statutory health insurance providers and universities must inform each other about the status of health insurance cover of students. Since January 1, 2022, the University of Konstanz switched to an electronic process ("Studierenden-Meldeverfahren") and hard copy confirmations from health insurance providers are no longer accepted.

We need to receive an electronic confirmation of your status of health insurance cover from your health insurance provider by the time of enrollment at the very latest. It is  important to contact your health insurance provider in good time to request such confirmation. If you have private health insurance and wish to retain it during your studies, you will need to contact a statutory health insurance provider of your choice to find out about the legal implications of an exemption from the obligation to hold statutory health insurance cover. In case of an exemption to hold statutory health insurance cover, the health insurance provider must inform us electronically accordingly.

Students who are already enrolled do not need to take any action. An electronic confirmation for already enrolled students is only necessary if students have changed their health insurance provider. In such cases, please contact the new health insurance provider.