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ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Digital Procedures for Citation Analysis

Thursday, 26. January 2023
14:00 - 14:45


Team Open Science

Dr. Marie Revellio (Department of Latin Studies, University of Konstanz) & Maximilian Heber (Team Open Science, University of Konstanz)

This event is part of an event series „ERUA Open Science Meet-Ups“.

On January 26 between 14:00 and 14:45 (CET), the next ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Digital methods for citation analysis.

In this Open Science Meet-Up, Dr. Marie Revellio (Department of Latin Studies, University of Konstanz) will present how she (further) developed and evaluated digital procedures for citation analysis as part of her dissertation on early Christian literature.

In addition to introducing the scope of her research, Marie will talk about in which ways Open Science was involved in conducting her research. Besides her experiences with Open Science, she will also discuss where, in her experience, more Open Science-related efforts may be useful.

Members of all ERUA universities - and beyond - are very welcome. No registration is required.