Sharing our infrastructure

1) Accessing the University library

Our library at the University of Konstanz is a public place that offers free access to education and culture to all people. We support individualised education and offer space for learning. One of our library's priorities is providing foreign-language specialist literature and offering international newspapers as well as internet access.

Refugees can obtain a user card for our university library for free. The user card will initially be valid for two months and can be renewed. Up to five books can be borrowed at the same time.

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2) University sports

  • The University Sports Service hosts special sports activities for both refugees and the general public. You can find further information on their Facebook website.

  • The University Sports Service collects items that have been lost in the sports hall. After a waiting period of 14 days, these lost items are cleaned and then given to the Konstanz initiative for refugees "save me".

  • The slogan of the CampusRun has been "Run for Refugees" in the last couple of years. The profits will be used to assist the refugees in becoming a part of daily life in Konstanz.

3) Sharing university space

University areas owned by the state of Baden Württemberg can be used to accommodate refugees. We are currently assessing which locations are suitable for housing.

4) Coordinating our efforts within a broad network including the city, the municipality and the University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) in Konstanz

Our Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs initiated the round table "Studying in asylum" in the summer semester 2014 that brings together representatives of the city of Konstanz, the state of Baden-Württemberg and various regional institutions. For years, the Student Service Seezeit has also organised a round table on topics associated with international students.