David Schleheck, Anna Burrichter and Karin Denger. This picture does not show the collaboration partners from Harvard University Emily Balskus, Spencer Peck and Stephania Irwin. Photo: University of Konstanz

Enzyme discovered

At the University of Konstanz, in cooperation with Harvard University, a key enzyme for formation of harmful hydrogen sulphide in the human gut by Bilophila bacteria has been discovered.

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Mit seinen Klavierstücken Aeham Ahmad möchte er die Musik aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen vereinen und damit die Menschen zusammenbringen.

Musik gegen Hunger

Universität Konstanz veranstaltet am Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019, im Konzil in Konstanz eine musikalische Lesung mit Aeham Ahmad

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Left: How the ribozyme-based genetic switch works. A self-cleaving tetracycline-dependent ribozyme results in mRNA decay and down-regulation of gene expression. Adding tetracycline inhibits ribozyme activity, which stabilises the mRNA and induces gene expression. Right: Application of the genetic switch in the animal research model C. elegans. Tetracycline-induced expression of the fluorescence (mCherry)-tagged Huntingtin protein (Htt) with an abnormally long polyglutamine sequence that causes Huntington’s disease in humans. Htt aggregates, which are typical of Huntington’s disease, can be observed to form in the animal model. Copyright: L. A. Wurmthaler, M. Gamerdinger, J. S. Hartig

First genetic switch for C. elegans developed

Researchers from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Konstanz close a research gap in the field of genetic switches – Development of the first inducible system for C. elegans to switch on genes – Potential medical research applications – Publication in the online journal Nature Communications

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With funding in the amount of five million euros, the Humboldt Professorship is Germany's most highly endowed research prize.

Two new Humboldt Professors

Margaret C. Crofoot and Anke Hoeffler have both accepted a Humboldt Professorship at the University of Konstanz. They will work in the university's research priorities Collective Behaviour and Ecology and Social and Cognitive Sciences with a Special Focus on Inequality Research, respectively. With funding in the amount of up to five million euros for each researcher, the Humboldt Professorship is Germany’s most highly endowed research prize.

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Luftaufnahme von der Universität Konstanz und der Insel Mainau. Copyright: Universität Konstanz

Konferenz zur digitalen Erinnerungskultur

Gemeinsam mit der KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau präsentiert die Universität Konstanz am 25. und 26. Januar 2019 auf der Insel Mainau die Konferenz „Entgrenzte Erinnerung“ zu neuen medialen Formen von Erinnerung und Zeugenschaft

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