Getting to the root of locust plagues

SERVICE FOR EDITORIAL OFFICES: Konstanz research expedition investigates causes for the current locust swarms in Africa and the collective decision-making processes of the animals – information service for editorial offices and possibility of journalistic onsite visits.

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Lift off for the university of the future

The University of Konstanz and four other European universities submit joint application for a transnational university network in the framework of the Erasmus+ European Universities Initiative (EUI) launched by the European Commission. The aim is to promote European values and identity as well as the international competitiveness of European universities. The memorandum of understanding has now been signed.

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Christian Voolstra ausgezeichnet

„Korallenriffe im Anthropozän“ meistangeklickte Themensammlung in den Open-Access-Journalen von „Frontiers“ – 100.000 Euro für Editoren-Team mit dem Biologen der Universität Konstanz

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Online survey about the coronavirus begins

Master’s students, led by health psychologist Professor Britta Renner, in the Department of Psychology open online survey on the general population’s behaviour and assessments regarding the novel coronavirus.

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Research Videos of Zukunftskolleg Fellows

Keen to know what young scientists at the University of Konstanz's Zukunftskolleg are working on? Then have a look at the research videos some of them produced as part of a video competition, presenting the fellow´s individual research or a joint research project.

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Das Universitätsorchester Konstanz spielt Beethoven, Hindemith und Dvořák zum Beethoven-Jahr

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