Two lions in grassland. One is standing. The other one is laying close to a bush.

In the realm of lions

“Contrary to ‘The Lion King’ there is no king or queen in lion societies. No single individual gets priority access to resources, whether that be access to mates or access to food after participating in a hunt”, says Konstanz researcher Natalia Borrego.

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Love Parade memorial: candles, pictures and crosses

Taking risks with research

How do you investigate serious administrative failures when authorities set up barriers and refuse to provide information? Wolfgang Seibel, a politics and public administration researcher in Konstanz, receives funding for his Reinhart Koselleck Project on organizational failure that ventures into risky territory. Wolfgang Seibel: "You simply can't expect those responsible for these catastrophic mistakes to welcome your inves-tigation with open arms."

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A behind-the-scenes look at research

Working at a university, developing and implementing an idea for a project, responding to challenges and gaining new insights: What exactly does this look like ? How does it work? What is research all about? Science Backstage, a new series of articles and multimedia reporting from the University of Konstanz , provides a rare, front-row seat for observing the everyday work of researchers.

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SPRIND Challenge

The SymbioLoop consortium, which includes researchers from Konstanz, receives millions in funding through the SPRIND Challenge for developing recyclable plastics from waste. Key groundwork for SymbioLoop was laid by the University of Konstanz's transfer project "Waste2DCA". As a spin-off, it will collaborate with the new large-scale research institution "Center for the Transformation of Chemistry (CTC)" in Germany.

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Aerial view of the University of Konstanz

Top scores for Konstanz

For the first time, CWTS has published a fully transparent edition of the internationally renowned Leiden Ranking, based on open data: the Leiden Ranking Open Edition. As previously in the regular editions, the University of Konstanz achieved top rankings in the categories "Open Access" and "International Collaboration".

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