Lecture theatre in which various conference participants are sitting. There is an adh banner by the lectern and two people giving presentations.
The adh's perspective conference took place at the University of Konstanz in 2023. Image: General German University Sports Association

First place in adh education ranking

The German University Sports Federation (adh) has announced the results of its 2023 university rankings. The University of Konstanz takes first place in the ed-ucation ranking.

On 7 March 2024, the German University Sports Federation (adh) published its university rankings 2023 on "Wettkampf" (competition) and "Bildung" (education). The education ranking analyzes the frequency and quality of university education and health programmes as well as the university members' participation. Among universities with up to 15,000 students, the University of Konstanz leads the education ranking by a clear margin (172.50 points). The university's organization of the largest adh education event, the "Perspektivtagung", and its top ranking for participation both contributed to this great result. The TU Chemnitz (115.62 points) and Hochschule Fulda (104.01 points) came second and third. In the competition ranking, the University of Konstanz was among the top 30 out of a total of 122 universities. In this field, no distinction is made between the size of the universities.

The adh university rankings' aim is to promote competition between universities and thus contribute to increased quality of sporting competitions and educational events. Commitment to health promotion and student engagement were the main factors for the University of Konstanz's outstanding results in the 2023 education ranking.