Two meerkats. One seems to speek into the ear of the other one.

Meerkat chit-chat

Konstanz researchers unravel the vocal interactions of meerkat groups and show they use two different types of interactions to stay in touch.

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Swiss-German culture of academic collaboration on a firm foundation: Perspectives from the conference "Z’sämme | Zusammen!" hosted by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.

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Two pupils doing their homework at a table at home

When research questions emerge from your own life

Christina Felfe de Ormeño is a full-time professor with three children. In March 2020, she – like many other parents – had lots to manage, including teaching classes virtually, caring for her children and supervising their homeschooling activities. She explains in an inter-view how this challenging situation led her to conduct a research project where the results were widely discussed, even outside academia.

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Bicycle in front of a mountain backdrop in the Swiss Alps

A bike courier for research: Cycling from Konstanz to Oslo

At the end of May 2024, Nils Weidmann, a professor of political science at the University of Konstanz, starts his third business trip by bicycle – this time from Konstanz to Oslo. Over the course of four weeks during his sabbatical, he will discuss current research topics while visiting colleagues at 16 research institutions in 14 cities and travelling about 2,500 km by bike.

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Growing together

Learning from each other, growing together – transfer connects universities and the city administration

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Research under high pressure

Why 3,000 bars are needed to take a comprehensive look at a protein: Konstanz researchers Frederic Berner and Michael Kovermann present a new high-pressure spectroscopy method to unravel the properties of proteins' native structures.

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Uneven perceptions of inequality

How do researchers study perceptions of inequality? This question is the focus of a new episode of the podcast "Exzellent erklärt" (great explanations) with political scientist Marius Busemeyer and microsociologist Claudia Diehl from the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality".

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