Skizze vom Kuckuckswels

Brood parasitism in fish

Biologists from Brno (Czech Republic) and the University of Konstanz prove that “evolutionary experience” as well as individual learning protects cichlid fish from the brood parasitism practised by the African cuckoo catfish

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Dr. Maggie Schauer und Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert

Improving the support offered to traumatised refugees

German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities assembled an expert research team headed by Konstanz psychologist Professor Thomas Elbert and including Dr Maggie Schauer to recommend support measures

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A double-edged sword

[Only available in German] Scientists from the University of Konstanz contribute to describing the contradictory functions of the DNA repair protein PARP-1 in colon cancer

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