Fountain in the inner courtyard of the University of Konstanz
University of Konstanz, H. Fahlbusch

United against sexism

The University of Konstanz is part of the nationwide alliance against sexism and sexual harassment

The University of Konstanz signed the declaration "Gemeinsam gegen Sexismus" (united against sexism) of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. In alliance with around 600 partner institutions, companies and cultural institutions from all over Germany, the university is taking a stand against all forms of sexism and sexualized violence. The aim is to make sexism and harassment visible and to prevent them from happening. In addition, effective measures against sexism will be anchored in the institutions, and help provided to those who are affected.

"Sexism manifests itself, for example, in the form of belittling others, violating their boundaries, or the gender-based abuse of power. We want our university to be a public space where everyone can feel safe," says Inés Eckerle, contact person at the University of Konstanz for questions regarding sexual harassment, sexualized discrimination and violence.

The University of Konstanz is an inclusive institution of higher education. Respectful, non-discriminatory interaction on equal footing forms the basis for cooperation among university members and the university's culture of open discussion. The University of Konstanz therefore resolutely opposes sexism and other forms of discrimination and has established structures to combat them. This includes contact points for those affected as well as measures to raise awareness, preventive action, intervention and sanctions. The fields of action and measures are set out in the university's "Guidelines to Combat Discrimination and Sexualized Violence", which was adopted by the Senate of the university.

Information and help at the University of Konstanz: