The science of tomorrow

The University of Konstanz’s Zukunftskolleg has existed for ten years. “In dialogue” with us, its director, Professor Giovanni Galizia, explains why cooking together can take science forward. The fellows Dr Jennifer Randerath and Dr Dennis Pingen explain what they value most about the Zukunftskolleg.

“The best ideas usually come to people when they are young,” says Professor Giovanni Galizia, Director of the University of Konstanz’s Zukunftskolleg since 2009. The institution promoting the careers of young international researchers celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017. “In dialogue” with us, the Konstanz-based neurobiologist and zoologist explains the idea behind founding the Zukunftskolleg, which was the first institution of its kind nationally at the time. He also shares whether it has continued to be a challenge to lead and which impacts it has had on the entire university, especially in the departments where the fellows are based. He also discusses why it is important for the Zukunftskolleg to have its own dedicated space and why cooking together can be helpful for research.

The full text of the interview is available in: "In dialogue: the science of tomorrow".