Aerial photo of the University of Konstanz

Taking a firm stand against anti-Semitism

In the early morning of 26 March 2024, anti-Semitic writing was discovered on the outside walls of the University of Konstanz’s campus. The police were informed and they have started an investigation; criminal charges were filed. The writing was removed immediately.

The University of Konstanz is appalled by the writing that was sprayed on the walls and condemns any form of anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms. The university stands for a respectful, inclusive and non-discriminatory culture of cooperation. The sprayed writing does not in any way represent the spirit of the university and its members. There is no room for anti-Semitism at the University of Konstanz.

The university does and will oppose any form of anti-Semitism on campus with rigour and determination, bringing to bear the full force of the law. Anti-Semitism is continuously addressed at our university, both academically and institutionally, and will also be addressed in the light of this incident. The University of Konstanz provides contact points for anti-discrimination and organizes workshops and lectures that deal with the topic of anti-Semitism in an academic context, also in cooperation with partner universities in Israel.  

Police ask for information:
The Kriminalpolizei (criminal investigation department) has taken over the investigation and is appealing for information; anyone who is able to provide information about the incident is asked to contact the Konstanz police department. You can find their call for witnesses with relevant contact details at:

Contact persons and guidelines at the University of Konstanz: