Film and photo permits as well as information on photo, film and audio recordings

Before you take photos or record videos on the University of Konstanz campus, you need to obtain written permission to do so. Please contact the university’s Communications and Marketing staff unit as early as possible to request a film and photo permit.

Your activities on campus must not impair university operations. The recordings may only be used for the agreed upon purpose. Any other use requires the prior written consent of the staff unit. You agree to comply with the provisions of the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) when handling your recordings. When illustrating research projects, exhibitions, collection items, etc., the corresponding institutions of the University of Konstanz must be named or displayed as inserts. Please leave your film locations in the same condition as you found them.

You can simply apply for a film and photo permit by e-mail. Please contact: Please include your name and address, the organization you are working for and the purpose for which the recordings will be used. This information will allow us to inform all relevant university parties in a timely manner and to resolve any legal questions regarding recordings with binding effect.

Private photographs, which will not be published, may be recorded without tripods or other equipment in all buildings and require no prior permission.