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In our “Three questions” interviews, students at the University of Konstanz share their personal experiences with choosing a study programme, what they have learned during their studies, and where their career paths might take them after they graduate.

There are many reasons for studying at the University of Konstanz. Which one is yours?

“The University of Konstanz and the city gave me the home I had always looked for. I can be myself and become the person I want to be”.

Asena, MA Politics and Public Administration

“When I think of the University of Konstanz, I think of good teaching, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of options for developing your own lifestyle”.

Niklas, BA Politics and Public Administration

“One of my professors once told me: ‘Studying at the university will not just teach you things that help you with your future life. You will also learn how to think’. I will not leave the University of Konstanz with only a list of facts, but also with a new perspective on life”.

Dimitrij, BA Literature, Art, Media Studies

“I love Konstanz, because this city on Lake Constance has the most to offer. A fresh breeze, an air of leisure, natural surroundings and university study – one great combination!”

Max, teacher education (Lehramt Gymnasium) in Chemistry and Italian

“I remember when I came to Konstanz as an Erasmus student and fell in love at first sight. This is where I have made the best memories of my life and this is where I would like to return someday. Thank you Konstanz”.

Shubhaangi, Law

“I chose Konstanz because I wanted to study in an international environment. I am impressed at how many different Erasmus exchange programmes and double degree options there are”.

Tifenn, MA Politics and Public Administration (double degree)

“Studying at the lake: this is especially great in the summertime. You can hike in the morning and go for a swim in the evening. This is the perfect way for me to balance studying with fun activities”.

Nico, BA Literature, Art, Media Studies

“I chose to study Politics and Public Administration in Konstanz because of the wide range of content covered. I also really value the department’s international profile”.

Dimitria, BA Politics and Public Administration

“I feel at home in Konstanz. I study here and relax in the beautiful surroundings at the lake. It’s great to have so many partner universities around the world. I’ll be spending a year in Utrecht, myself!”

Ruud, BA Politics and Public Administration

“I feel so welcome here and really well-supported, especially because of the many services for international students.”


“Studying in Konstanz means I can live on the scenic Lake Constance and, at the same time, work towards my dream career”.

Jana, Law
Find your reason.

From the first to the last day of his studies: Philosophy graduate,  Patrick Doodt,  made a film describing his experiences with  studying  in Konstanz. In the video, the film maker answers the question, why he chose to study at the University of Konstanz and how he found a new home in the city of  Konstanz.

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