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Studying at the university is a good investment in your own future, but you need to plan it well. The following pages show which key steps you need to take towards starting the programme that fits you.

You begin by getting your orientation: What do you get excited about? What are your strong points? What goals do you have for yourself? You should also consider where you would like to study. Why not visit the University of Konstanz to get a first impression of both the campus and everyday student life? You can, for example, take part in the Study Days or our programme for studying while in school (“Schülerstudium”).

Explore our page “choose your study programme”, to see which perspectives our programmes each have to offer. Once you have decided what to study in Konstanz, your next step is the application. We explain every step of the process and what you need to do. After you get an offer of admission, you can enrol at the university. We will help you get ready to start off your first semester well at our university. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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    There are many reasons for studying at the University of Konstanz. Here you will find the best ones:

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  • International studies

    Discover plentiful options for studying abroad or joining us as an international student.


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    Enjoy the best of student life on our campus.

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