“Paths are meant to be trodden”.
Franz Kafka, writer (1883 – 1924)

Ready to get started?

Welcome to your first semester. Welcome to student life. Now that you have enrolled, you can start your studies, and a new and exciting part of your life will begin. In our guide for new students you will find tips, great online offers and everything you need to know about getting started at the University of Konstanz.

Know-how for starting your studies

You are a first semester? Welcome to the University of Konstanz! Discover our PocketManual "Know-how for starting your studies" (in German), the guide to start your first semester step by step.


Checklist for starting your studies

Register, get the information you need and start your studies! There’s quite a bit to organize when you start studying. We have listed the most important things so you can easily keep track of everything.


CampusGuide Advice and support

At the university, there’s lots to learn, do and organize. Learn about all university services that will support you with your study-related questions in our CampusGuide “Advice and support”.


simply explained

The “simply explained” series covers everything you need to know about studying at the University of Konstanz. Watch the episode “Studienstart in drei Schritten” (Three steps to starting your studies) to find out how you can start student life easily and quickly.


Orientation week

Join our orientation week and get your studies off to a good start. There will be numerous events in which you can get to know your department as well as the teachers and contact persons who will accompany you throughout your studies.

"Starting your studies!"