Request for consideration as a hardship case

The University of Konstanz reserves 5% of all available study space (at least one placement) for cases of exceptional personal hardship in programmes with restricted admission (Numerus Clausus) .

What counts as a hardship case?

To be considered a hardship case, applicants must have such pressing health, social and family concerns that, even in consideration of strict criteria, it would be unreasonable for such an applicant to have to wait even one semester for admission.

Examples for reasonable and unreasonable hardship case applications are available in the hardship case guidelines.

How do I file a request for consideration as a hardship case?

  1. Make sure to indicate on your online application that you you will be submitting a request for consideration as a hardship case.
  2. Include all the required documents that are listed in the application materials.
  3. Include your informal request for consideration as a hardship case.
  4. Include any supporting documents as certified copies.
  5. Hole punch all of these documents and attach them using a file fastener ("Heftstreifen").
  6. Mail your complete application to the University of Konstanz.