Orientation procedures

If you intend to study at a university in Baden-Württemberg, you will need to submit proof of having completed an orientation procedure along with your university application. Taking part in this procedure will assist you in choosing a study programme that suits your interests and abilities.

What do I need to do?

  1. Select an orientation procedure that is recognised by the University of Konstanz. If you intend to study chemistry or secondary education, then you will take part in a special orientation procedure.
  2. Please submit your proof of participation along with your application documents.


The date of your participation in the orientation procedure cannot be more than two years in the past when you submit your application.

Orientation procedures recognised by the University of Konstanz

General study orientation tests

Orientation and decision-making training

Orientation advising services (individual or group sessions)

Study programme-related self-assessments with a certificate of participation

Special procedures for specific study programmes at the University of Konstanz


If you are interested in studying in the Chemistry bachelor's programme, then the orientation procedure exclusively consists of the Chemistry information event (Informationstag Chemie). You will receive an invitation to this event during the application process. This will take place after you complete your online application. You are required to take part, but exceptions can be made under certain conditions.

If you have applied to the bachelor's programmes Life Science or Nanoscience, or are intending to earn a Bachelor's of Education in Chemistry, then your participation is voluntary.

Teacher training programmes (Bachelor of Education)

If you are interested in taking up studies in one of the Bachelor of Education study programmes, then you must first take a teacher orientation test in order to demonstrate your aptitude to teach.


In addition to the above-mentioned orientation procedures, online self-assessment (OSA-Psych) is also accepted when applying for the Bachelor's programme in Psychology.