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Dr. Hilmar Hofmann

Director of the Staff Unit Sustainability


Phone: +49 7531  88-4918

Room: E223

Post office box: 212

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Teaching in the area of sustainability, qualification N, events

Luisa Hoffmann

Coordinator for teaching in the area of sustainability


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  •     Coordination Qualification N
  •     Planning and coordination of courses in the field of sustainability, which can be credited as key qualifications in cooperation with the SQ Center.
  •     Further development of the teaching area 'Sustainability
  •     Administration of the area 'Sustainability' in the course catalog
  •     Active participation in the AG Nachhaltige Entwicklung
  •     Conception for practical projects as well as workshops
  •     Moderation of the podcast "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz
  •     Coordination of the online study program of the Virtual Academy Sustainability at the University of Konstanz