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Mission and goals


In its mission statement, the University of Konstanz describes its commitment to the principle of sustainability. Sustainable development is one of the University of Konstanz’s most important strategic topics (structure and development plan). Sustainability is an overarching topic that involves all areas and status groups of the university. Making sustainable development at the university an everyday part of life for as many university members as possible, requires a central, coordinating body that organizes the tasks to be fulfilled involving the entire university. The goal is to develop and establish a shared understanding of sustainability, actively promote sustainable development measures and ensure their implementation at the university.

Our goals

  • Develop a shared understanding of sustainability
  • Foster strategic development in the area of sustainability (sustainability policies)
  • Actively promote and implement structures and measures that ensure sustainable development
  • Participate in relevant regional, national and international networks
  • Coordinate work in the area of sustainable development by the Sustainable Development Working Group, the student-led Green Office and university committees/bodies