Teaching in the area of sustainability

We promote the further development of teaching structures in the area of sustainability in collaboration with the Centre for Transferable Skills and the departments. We also offer interdisciplinary courses mainly for students, but also continuing education programmes for staff, and thus provide insight into the many different facets of the topic of sustainability.

In the context of our programme qualification N - The Sustainability Certificate, students gain targeted training and qualifications in the field of sustainability. To achieve this goal, we link theoretical knowledge with practical experience and create relevant networks between all parties. Qualification N is based on the idea of “learning - doing - networking" and consists of individual seminars on specific topics as well as courses covering the basics that are offered each semester. The courses eligible for ECTS credits can also be recognized as transferable skills. Apart from teaching academic know-how, the focus lies on applying the knowledge learned and transferring it to concrete projects. Students apply their know-how in a practical project that fosters their creative skills. Accompanying network meetings give them an opportunity to initiate and further develop sustainable development processes together with others. The curriculum ends with the publicly accessible documentation of the project and its presentation.