Studentin und Kind
Studentin und Kind

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Walk-in consultations

Do you have any questions about studying with children? Simply drop in during our office hours at the Student Service Centre (SSZ) on level B4. Speak with us Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00, by coming to the round table in the "Beratungsecke" of the SSZ or by phoning: +49 7531 88-4428.

Are you a mother-to-be and have 1,000 questions on your mind?

We have put together a checklist to give you an overview of what steps you need to take during your pregnancy, after your child is born, during your Elternzeit (parental leave) and as you return to your studies. 

Are you a father-to-be and have 1,000 questions on your mind?

Fathers and mothers are equally welcome to take part in our walk-in consultations. It makes no difference whether you are currently studying at the university or not. Being well-informed helps both parents to discuss and make important decisions together. We have noticed that fathers have increasingly become equal partners in raising their children. We have plenty of great books and other aids that can help you get better informed about this new responsibility.

Are you on your own? Wondering how to manage and what support is available?

Raising children takes energy, but it also gives you something in return. There are different professional services within easy reach that can help share the load. Advice and support services for families are readily available at the university and in the city of Konstanz. Just ask us for an overview. Visit our Networking page to find out more.

Are you in a partnership? Asking how you can master parenting together?

What family life looks like has changed rapidly over the past few years in Germany. It is more broadly accepted that women with children pursue their own career aims, fathers desire to spend more time with their children, greater childcare options open new career perspectives. These are all important requirements for being ready to address private or economic challenges that come up. We offer events specifically for families that provide the opportunity for parents to exchange their experiences.

How do others manage parenting and studying successfully?

Parents who study are proud to be parents. Many consider their time at the university to be a great time to have children. Their capacity to balance study and family responsibilities depends on a variety of factors, most importantly, the extent to which they can study at their own pace and whether adequate financial resources are available.