Act, don't react

Take control

If you’re attacked, the following tips can help you get out of a dangerous situation unharmed.

  • Fight back! Draw attention to yourself by screaming and shouting, use physical force (kick, punch or scratch your attacker, etc.). In most cases, this will convince them to stop.
  • Look for an escape route.
  • Approach another person and ask for help, if you can.
  • If you have one, use your bike as a barrier between yourself and your attacker, or use it as a weapon in order to escape.
  • If you are attacked on university premises, call the control room immediately. You can reach them via in-house telephone (2222) or by dialling +49 7531 88-2222 on your mobile.
  • Call the police (110) and report your attacker. 95% of crime is solved due to witness testimonies.

If you accidentally injure your attacker while defending yourself, the “Notwehrgesetz” applies (§ 32 StGB, German Criminal Code). It also applies if you aid another person who is under attack (defence of another person). However, the defensive measures you take must be commensurate with the situation.

What to do in case of emergency

Call the police by dialling 110 or the university’s control room by dialling +49 7531 88-2222 and report the incident. Please make sure to state the following: