What we offer

As of January 2017, the University of Konstanz is proud to be able to support lecturers and students with devising, organising, financing and implementing projects that bring together institutions and individuals from academic and non-academic contexts. Sibylle Mühleisen and Albert Kümmel-Schnur are more than happy to assist with the development of such projects, making the right contacts, helping out with applications as well as streamlining production cycles and communications habits.

Transfer projects in teaching provide particular opportunities for everyone involved. Students stand to learn about the practical applications of their university studies. Lecturers may discover new areas of interest, also generating new research questions. External partners will profit from students’ creativity and curiosity and, by working with the lecturers, gain new insight into their own activities.

Successful transfer projects therefore always involve a dialogue. They work best when all partners profit from the collaboration. All parties should therefore be willing to listen closely and engage with each other. This holds true not only for the relationship between academic and external partners, but also - if not more so - for the exchange between lecturers and students. High quality transfer projects actively involve students in a work process that is both transparent and well thought out.


We offer advice for all stages of transfer projects - conception, organisation, financing and implementation. Please feel free to turn to us if you are experiencing difficulties in one or several planning or implementation phases or if you require support.

Establishing a transfer culture is of particular importance to us. By this we mean how project partners treat and work with each other. Close collaboration between individuals will, on occasion, generate friction, sometimes even conflict. That’s normal. Be sure to ask for assistance - whether you need tips for improving the flow of information between partners, for managing complicated group-dynamic processes, for dealing with setbacks etc. We will make sure that you get support that is tailored to your individual needs and situation.

Every Wednesday starting on 3 May 2017, you will find us in the university foyer - please feel free to approach us or to make an appointment for a consultation.


Projects are complex animals, which means that simple advice may not be enough for some situations. Often, what is required by way of support involves identifying and making contact between suitable project partners, scouting for event locations or talking to sponsors, PR agencies and partners. We can support you with all four project phases:

  • Conception
  • Organisation
  • Financing
  • Implementation.


Financing transfer projects, especially in teaching, can be difficult. There are various ways to secure funding and often a single creative idea may help you not only to save money (or to replace it), but to use the funds at your disposal as expediently as possible.

We, too, can offer financial support to a limited extent.

Here, you will find more information on our call for proposals for transfer-oriented teaching projects: