Our research contributions

1) Psychological support for refugees

Centre of Excellence for Psychotraumatology (supported by the European Refugee Fund)

The Centre of Excellence for Psychotraumatology addresses the problem of recognising and treating psychological disorders and related physical diseases and symptoms in refugees and displaced persons. The Chair of Clinical Psychology with its associated research location at the Centre for Psychotherapy (ZfP) Reichenau as well as the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Konstanz have collaborated with vivo e.V. (victim's voice) to develop specific psychodiagnostic and therapeutic support for refugees and survivors of organised violence. These measures work to directly improve the situation of refugees upon arrival (and indirectly the process of their integration and humanitarian reintegration) and thus to have a lasting positive effect.

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2) Research Centre Immigration & Asylum Law (FZAA)

The Research Centre Immigration & Asylum Law concentrates on German, European and international immigration and asylum law, including interdisciplinary migration studies. The Research Centre performs its research in close collaboration with a network of policy-makers and legal practitioners as well as with international partners.

Research priorities are the Europeanisation of migration law in the areas of: immigration, asylum, visa and border protection, freedom of movement of EU citizens, citizenship and nationality, as well as the social integration of migrants. Special consideration is given to the creation and implementation of EU regulations as well as their relationship to international law, in particular human rights. The activities of the FZAA include events, research projects and publications.

The FZAA is a scientific research centre that cannot offer individual counselling on topics such as asylum, visas etc. – corresponding offices do, however, offer this type of counselling.

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3) Center for Multilingualism

The interdisciplinary Center for Multilingualism at the University of Konstanz promotes multilingualism in research, teaching and daily life. In the current refugees situation, too, the Center provides a link between research and practical application. Experts from the Center are involved in consultations with the city, the local education authority and other institutions.

A transfer project, supported by the University of Konstanz, analyses the language situation of multilingual pupils in and around Konstanz while taking into account the special situation of refugee children. The results will be integrated into a continuing education programme for kindergarten and school teachers.

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