Image: Philipp Uricher / Universität Konstanz

New master's programme "Sociology of Inequality"

Starting winter semester 2022/2023, the University of Konstanz will offer the master's programme in sociology taught in English

The new master's programme "Sociology of Inequality" at the University of Konstanz examines the causes and effects of inequality from a sociological perspective. The programme focuses on important social questions: How is the gap between the rich and poor developing worldwide? When does social inequality lead to political mobilization? Why are women paid less than men? Is ethnic inequality a sign of racism? Can education contribute to equality of opportunity in society? Did the COVID-19 pandemic lead to an increase in inequality?

The new study programme takes a particularly research-oriented approach involving current topics and problems. Small seminar groups provide students personal and individual supervision. Students get to know theoretical explanations for different aspects of social inequality, learn about the latest empirical research in the field and receive training in research methods of the social sciences. The study programme is also closely linked to the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality". Special aspects of the research-centred programme include an intensive, six-month project seminar and a six-month compulsory internship that lay the groundwork for participants' future careers.

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in a corresponding discipline, such as sociology, economics or politics and public administration, are welcome to apply to the "Sociology of Inequality" master's programme by 30 April 2022.

More detailed information is available on the programme website.

Key facts:

  • New master's programme "Sociology of Inequality" starts winter semester 2022/23 at the University of Konstanz
  • Close connections to top-level research in the Cluster of Excellence "Politics of Inequality“
  • Pre-requisite: bachelor's degree in the social sciences
  • Application deadline: 30 April 2022