Aerial view of the University of Konstanz

Top scores for Konstanz

For the first time, CWTS has published a fully transparent edition of the internationally renowned Leiden Ranking, based on open data: the Leiden Ranking Open Edition. As previously in the regular editions, the University of Konstanz achieved top rankings in the categories "Open Access" and "International Collaboration".

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A firm eye on the proboscis

Just as when we humans reach for objects, the hummingbird hawk moth uses its visual sense to place its long proboscis precisely on a flower to search for nectar, according to a study by Konstanz biologists. This is why the moth is a great model organism for research into the visual control of appendages.

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Police car on a road

Artificial intelligence as a basis for police searches

Does the German state use data from the United States that has been evaluated by artificial intelligence as the basis for police searches? The Centre for Human | Data | Society at the University of Konstanz warns that digital processes are increasingly precipitating legal regulations. As a result, algorithms are gaining quasi-legal power.

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Better quality control in radiotherapy

From basic research to clinical application: Research team at the University of Konstanz receives Proof of Concept Grant from the European Research Council for the development of a novel liquid dosimeter.

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Children sit at a table and eat together.

Free lunch for all children

Konstanz health psychologist Britta Renner supported the German Bundestag citizens' council ‘Ernährung im Wandel’ ('Nutrition in Transition') in recommending free lunches for children.

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