Ribosome binding of NAC is mediated by a ribosome binding regulatory arm (N-αNAC, blue) and a translation sensor domain (N-βNAC, green). N-βNAC senses short nascent chains already deep inside the ribosomal tunnel close to the peptidyl-transferase centre (orange) where amino acids are assembled into proteins. The tunnel-sensing activity of NAC is believed to orchestrate general cotranslational protein folding and transport processes in the cell. Copyright: Martin Gamerdinger

New protein-sensing mechanism discovered

In a stunning discovery, molecular biologists from the University of Konstanz and ETH Zurich have been able to demonstrate that the nascent polypeptide-associated complex (NAC) senses newly synthesized proteins upon birth inside the ribosomal tunnel

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A shallow coral reef in the Central Red Sea. Copyright: Anna Roik

Bacteria enhance coral resilience

An international group of researchers led by Professor Christian Voolstra, biologist at the University of Konstanz, investigated the interplay between corals and bacteria under changing environmental conditions. Their research results were published in the current issue of the journal Nature Communications.

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Der Umgang mit kolonialen Objekten im Museum

30 Studierende aus verschiedenen Studiengängen der Universität Kon-stanz nahmen an dem von der Konstanzer Historikerin Prof. Dr. Anne Kwaschik initiierten Workshop „Objektgeschichten des Kolonialismus“ im Historischen und Völkerkundemuseum St. Gallen teil.

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