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Paused at the right moment

International research teams from Konstanz and Paris decipher molecular mechanism controlling a critical step in the meiotic division of egg cells.

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New chairperson of the Biotechnology Institute Thurgau (BITg)

University of Konstanz Professor Thomas Brunner (biochemical pharmacology) was selected by the board of the Thurgau foundation for science and research to become the new chair of the BITg managing board. Thomas Brunner fills the position that has been vacant since his predecessor, Professor Marcus Groettrup, passed away in June.

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Keep the beat!

Rhythmic accuracy pays off, as researchers from Konstanz (Germany) and Israel show in their behavioural study on the courtship song of the rock hyrax. Males that sang more often and kept the beat with greater precision had higher reproductive success than their less rhythmically accurate peers.

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