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University of Konstanz is eco-paper friendly university

The competition "Papieratlas 2022", organized by Pro Recyclingpapier (IPR), confirms: The University of Konstanz uses eco-paper in an exemplary manner.

More than 95 percent of the paper used in its administration, departments and in-house print shop is recycled paper with the Blue Angel label. According to the Initiative Pro Recyclingpapier (IPR), this is a best practice example in the 2022 Papieratlas university competition.

"This recognition as 'eco-paper friendly university' confirms that the University of Konstanz effectively protects the climate and resources. This really motivates us to continue to use paper with the Blue Angel label", explains Christine Peter, Vice Rector for Sustainability, Information and Communication Technology (CIO).

Compared to paper from virgin fibres, recycled paper saves an average of 78 percent of water and 68 percent of energy in production, and involves significantly fewer CO2-emissions, according to IPR. Thus, the University of Konstanz saved more than 566,000 litres of water and over 127,000 kilowatt hours of energy last year. Especially worth mentioning is the Sustainability Week organized by the university's Green Office, which takes place once a semester: The campaign aims at raising the awareness among students and staff for using recycled paper both at the university and privately.

The Papieratlas has documented the paper consumption and recycling paper rates of German universities every year since 2016. The cooperation partners are the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Federal Environment Agency and the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers. Overall, the Papieratlas 2022 states a new record for Blue Angel paper: The 50 universities participating in the competition achieved a new record with a recycled paper rate of over 79 percent on average.

Key facts:

  • The University of Konstanz is once again recognized as an eco-paper friendly university.
  • With a recycled paper quota of more than 95%, Konstanz is well above the average rate of 79% for the 50 participating universities.
  • This saved over 566,000 litres of water and over 127,000 kilowatt hours of energy last year.