Solidarity with Ukraine

The University of Konstanz is appalled by the war events in Ukraine and deeply condemns the war of aggression of the Russian leadership. We are very concerned about the people in Ukraine, including many academics and students from our partner universities. Our solidarity is with the Ukrainian people.

A transnational community is the key component for science and research. Its basis is the peaceful and free exchange of knowledge, with partners across the world. International law is the foundation of all this. The attack on the sovereignty of a free country is an attack on the pillars of science and research.

The University of Konstanz takes a firm stand against violence and disregard for the principles of international coexistence, together with academics from all over the world. Among them are many researchers in Russia who are publicly speaking out against the actions of their political leaders at this hour.

The University of Konstanz is in contact with its partner universities in Ukraine and continues to stand up for common values as well as academic and liberal exchange.