Quality of Studying Monitor 2010: Outstanding Satisfaction Ratings among Konstanz's Students

Above average results at the University of Konstanz over four years in series

Just under eight out of ten students at the University of Konstanz, 77.1%, like studying at their university. Consequently, the overall satisfaction level is well above the German average of 69.9%. The satisfaction levels for the academic quality of the courses is also higher than the national level (78,9% vis-a-vis 72,2%) as are the satisfaction levels for the number of participants in the courses (55.6% vis-à-vis 46.3%).

The University of Konstanz took part in the nationwide Student Survey run by the HIS Hochschul-Informations-System GmbH (HIS) and the Working Group on University Research at the University of Konstanz in 2010 and, as in previous years, achieved outstanding results again. Nationwide, around 42,000 students took part, of whom 1,181 were registered at the University of Konstanz. The Quality of Studying Monitor 2010, for which the results have been available since May this year, also addresses the study conditions and questions relating to the organisation and quality of teaching. The interest focuses centrally on the student support and advice services provided by teaching staff as well as the equipment and services offered at the respective university. As far as assessments on the services and support offerings at the university are concerned, the results for Konstanz are far better than the mean value. More than half the students are very satisfied with the offerings of the Central Student Secretariat, the Examinations Board and the Student Advice Centre, and so are up to 10% better than the average. Just under seven out of ten students are satisfied to very satisfied with the Departmental Secretariat (69.0%) and the International Office (66,4%). The students at Konstanz are also very satisfied with the technical equipment and facilities in the course rooms (68,5%) as well as the laboratory equipment (63.0%). This means that the technical conditions  at the University of Konstanz get a better assessment than the national average.

The full report on the Quality of Studying Monitor and the detailed results can be downloaded from the following website: www.qm.uni-konstanz.de/aktuelles