Image: Jillian Killiani

Konstanz physicist selected as one of the “Emerging Leaders of 2021”

Dr Davide Bossini, head of an Emmy Noether group investigating the coupling of ultrafast spin charge dynamics at the University of Konstanz, has been selected as one of the “Emerging Leaders of 2021” by the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (JPhysD).

Every two years, the JPhysD publishes a special issue called “Emerging Leaders” that brings together the best early-career researchers in applied physics who have been “identified by the Editorial Board and the applied physics community as the most exciting researchers of their generation.”

This year, Dr Davide Bossini from the University of Konstanz was among the recognized physicists. In his research, Bossini studies the interactions between light and magnetic solids on the femtosecond time scale (1 femtosecond = 0.000000000000001 seconds), with a focus on charge and spin dynamics. In other words, he is trying to manipulate the magnetic properties of solids using ultrashort laser pulses. Among other things, findings from his research could be relevant to the development of ultrafast data storage devices and other information technologies of the future.

The special issue of JPhysD, including an article by Dr Davide Bossini, is available at the Journal's website.