Different Styles in Unison

Concert of the University Orchestra of Konstanz with Kantscheli’s “Night Prayers” and Tchaikovsky’s “Fate Symphony”

With two very different compositions, the next concert of the University Orchestra of Konstanz on Monday, February 6, 2012 will span a wide range, from meditative stillness to symphonic monumentality. This concert also ranges from a rather unusual line-up from solo soprano saxophone, strings and recordings in Giya Kancheli’s "Night Prayers", which the Georgian composer dedicated to the saxophonist Jan Garbarek in 1996, to the traditionally styled, very popular major Symphony No. 5 in E Minor by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in a large romantic orchestration. The concert begins at 8:15 p.m. in the main auditorium “Audimax”.

It is not, however, these superficial differences that have led the orchestra with its currently more than 60 mostly student musicians and the conductor Peter Bauer to select this exciting program compilation. On the contrary, it is the easily comprehensible and inner connection of two very different styles of music and the harmony of two great composers that can be heard that was convincing. Both the romantic Tchaikovsky and the world's most successful contemporary composer Giya Kancheli, created, or create their works unmistakably from an attitude of biographical concern and avowal - be it as a musical processing of a personal destiny perceived as oppressive with Tchaikovsky in his "Fate Symphony," or out of the plight of an exiled artist in the case of Kancheli, who likes to call his works without direct religious reference nevertheless "prayers". Therefore, the University Orchestra will perform the two works with soloist Alexander Buehrer directly back to back with intermission.

Tickets can be purchase in advance at BuchKultur Opitz, Stephansplatz 45, Phone +49 (0)7531/ 17777 and in the entrance area of the University