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Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit
Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit

Do you employ student tutors?

Solid instruction and integration of student tutors are key to the overall quality of the tutorials, decreasing frictional losses between lecturers, tutors and students as well.

Please make use of our coaching and workshop services to strengthen your teaching arrangements and the organisation of your tutorials.

Do yourself a favour and encourage your tutors to take part in our training programmes. There, your tutors will receive helpful advice and support for taking on their new role as teachers.

University didactics services

Please contact our university didactics staff, if you

  • want to enhance the interaction between your lectures and tutorials,
  • if you want to learn about the 5 pillars of successful tutorial work and translate them to your own teaching practice,
  • if you want to learn more about recruiting suitable candidates and about successfully guiding them,
  • if you want to organise a special training course for your tutors, or
  • if you have a suggestion for any other special event for tutors (e.g. a day of teaching).

Departmental services

If you are working in the Departments of Biology, Physics, Computer and Information Science, Politics and Public Administration and Linguistics you have the opportunity

  • to exchange views on subject-specific issues to do with tutorials, practice groups etc.,
  • to discuss questions about organising tutorials and working with the departmental tutors, or
  • to clear up questions about the department-specific tutor training programmes and to make suggestions.

Please consult our QualiTut staff in the individual departments.